Tiio Suorsa (1985) is a visual artist based in Turku (FI) and Linz (AT), working with moving images, creative coding and experimental photography. Her practice is based on unlearning existing systems and definitions between humans, nature and technology. Recently works and research has been focused on digital poetry while exploring in-betweenness.

Tiio Suorsa holds MA degree from Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz (2021) and the Digital Culture and Cultural Heritage, University of Turku (2017) and BA from the Turku Arts Academy (2012). Her works have been exhibited recently in galleries and screenings in Austria, Finland, Greece, Iceland and Lanzarote, including at Deep Space 8K, Ars Electronica Center (AT).


Upcoming exhibitions

  • March 2022 untitled, Institute of Coexistence, WAMx, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku (FI)
  • December 2021 (postponed due lockdown) NFC, Poetics of Obsolescence, Atelierhaus Salzamt (AT)
  • Summer 2022 NFC, Gallery Jänis, Turku (FI)

Recent exhibitions

  • September 2021 Protruding Cavity: Pocket Star Gallery, Athens (GR)
  • September 2021 Substrates: Nokturno (digital and experimental poetry) (FI)
  • September 2021 CacheDash: Ars Electronica Festival, Deep Space 8K, Linz (AT)
  • July 2021 Frequency of Being, Lacuna Festivals, Lanzarote (ES)
  • July 2021 video art: Libertalia – Born by the River performance, Liverpool (UK)
  • June 2021 COCO-lands: BestOFF exhibition, Linz (AT)
  • Spring 2021 Substrates: Ars Electronica Center, CCI Lab (AT)



Custom Works