Computer mouse with disco lights.

My two new projects were presented in Sankt Interface event in Linz, Austria 6.12.2019.

Many people watching one art work.


Sankt Interface -event

The event consists of keynote, discussions, performances, mouse contest and dancing. The keynote speaker was Net.Art pioneer Alexei Shulgin. He was speaking about online communities and 90’s Form Art. Everybody knows how it is to make few forms on website, but how it was making art with that in early internet time.

Audience listening a person in front.

Important part of the event is Computer Mouse Contest, which has categories:

  • the Fastest
  • the Weirdest
  • the Flying Mouse

It is celebrated around the same date when Douglas Engelbart made his famous conference “The Mother of All Demos” and presented the idea of computer mouse in 1968.

Screen with pop-up window


Are you sure? -project

Internet is full of fast fingers and with this work I wanted to question if it’s a good thing we can communicate faster and faster. The development of communication systems are seeking to be faster and more anticipated, even automatic.

So I made a program that asks you to confirm the letter every single time you are about to type a letter. This leads to a continuous series of confirmations which is familiar to the normal use of computers.

At the same time it presents today’s factory work by the computer with measureless amount of mechanical clicks, confirmations and pop-ups while trying to work something “real”.

A screen with text "Write here your opinion" and mouse with all the parts of it flying in the air.


I want to break free -sculpture

The computer mouse has had its form since the first demo of it presented 1968. The time has come it wants to break free from this same form. What we see is a freeze-frame, the moment when it broke itself and is moving slowly between two concept of time.

I want to break free -project was competing in category Flying Mouse. It is following the tradition of very early form of kinetic art. It looks like a sculpture and served as one, but still has the ability to perform long lasting, gentle movement that gives you a different sense of time.