Together with other selected artists, we were virtually visiting ENAS laboratories. The workshop, Artistic Recipes & Scientific Protocols by Fabricio Lamoncha, had many intensive and inspiring days on February and March 2021 leading to the CCI Labs exhibition opening in Ars Electronica Center in April.

Following everything online and remotely for the last one year, this was an interesting approach when the workers took a proxy stance with us holding phones on their chest connected to the video call so we could really follow what’s going on.

By the time I got fascinated with the idea of living in between virtual and physical space, since we followed something very actual and physical labor, but only virtually. I connected this feeling with the VR experiences that usually have all kinds of floating limbs around trying to make you feel bodily aware and connected with the other world.

In my work Substrates I extracted the blue hands working in human way but still a bit mechanical in collaboration with machines and devices. Texts are encoded and digested from the oral explanations while having the tour in labs.

  • Exhibition in the Ars Electronica Center 22.4.-31.5.2021

Blue hands floating in black space