At the moment I have two works presented, both exploring human body and gestures in quite different points of views.

I am so happy to have my image series Protruding Cavity in Athens as part of LGBTQI+ & Body group exhibition. I really liked the approach to discover the multiple directions queer beings can expand, beyond standardised human representations.

My series Protruding Cavity is a mix of 3D model and mycelium as material with protrusions and cavities, while in the images it depends on the point of view.

Overall I feel Athens has a very unique spirit, so it was an amazing opening in the Pocket Star Gallery 25th September – 8th October 2021.

LGBTQI+ & Body, group art exhibition


Substrates in Nokturno

At the same time the new issue of Nokturno was published, in which Substrates was chosen as the cover work of the issue. The works in this issue combined video poetry, nature with art and science, they were unique works before presented only in galleries or on stage.

I am always happy to get my work as part of Nokturno, the living archive of experimental poetry, where one can experience something unique, out of the typical internet circulation.