Blue shiny ball in front of big screen with similar blue globe.

featured photo: Iosune Sarasate

COCO-lands was part of the Ars Electronica 2020 – Festival for Arts, Technology and Society 9.-13.9. Because of this deviant year all international participants and visitors were asked to stay at home, but the festival was very intensive even via online participation.

Four persons standing with a screen where is one portrait.
The curatorial team of COCO-lands: Carla Zamora, Smirna Kulenović, Tiia Suorsa (on screen), Indiara Di Benedetto and Iosune Sarasate posing in front of Indiara’s work Portrait of a Generative Memory that was also exhibited in the Wild State and I got honoured to participated in.

Our team onsite in Linz was doing an amazing job to put together everything. During the summer we got one more pair of helpful hands in our web development team: Stella Markini took over the development of the platform to finalize the exhibition version of it with Matthias Pitscher.

After all we are all together in the whole COCO-lands:

  • 12 contributing artists
  • 2 contributing collectives
  • 13 different nationalities

Amazing numbers for a project that was started in a few days during the lockdown in Austria, our curator based in a closed island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and all communication done online.

Ars Electronica – The Wild State

COCO-lands was part of the exhibition site The Wild State in the main square (Hauptplatz) gallery space. The installation consists of the projected platform and the big ball with which you can navigate on the site (the featured photo).

Four members of the core team gave a talk during the Agora Digitalis about the backgrounds and the development of the project. I got a chance to participate in the talk with a short video statement from Finland.

Four persons sitting and talking in front of a video projection.
COCO-lands in Agora Digitales 2020 (screen capture of live stream)

The curatorial team and Linz based contributing artists were showing and telling about the project through the five days exhibition.

The festival had tight measurements this year of course, but still there were interested visitors in the physical gallery space and the project got featured in many newspapers in Austria. A lot of events, talks and workshops were run online which was amazing since the event is highly international and known worldwide.

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