On red background a blue globe where is written "Tiia" with a white smaller ball. On top of the image is written "COCO-lands".

We are preparing for the Ars Electronica Festival 2020, getting new contributing artists and I finished my media diary.

Many small pictures on red background.
My last posts on COCO-lands

It has been a very weird and unexpected spring, many changes, different circumstances and moods.

I finished my media diary a few weeks ago when I finally felt that the point had come after publishing 74 videos and photos. I didn’t follow too much of the exact measurements than my own feeling to finish the routine.

Each of us will finish the diary at a different time since the circumstances and situations are very different in different countries. Some other diaries have also their last posts published, but the project continues.

We also got a few new artists on board from Peru and Brazil, looking forward to their new contributions!

Preparation of the Ars Electronica Festival

Now is the busiest preparation time for the Ars Electronica Festival! COCO-lands will be exhibited in this legendary media art festival as an installation where the visitors can explore the islands with a unique controller.

If you want to hear more about the process and background of this insane project, head to the Agora. Members of the core team and a few contributing artists will present COCO-lands in a short talk.

What I learnt so far?

Making everyday something to be published starts to get very heavy after some weeks. In the beginning I made a mistake by thinking the works should have every day some catch, when the catch is actually the whole pattern of works.

Every project needs a leader, and this kind of very wide project needs to have a curatorial team of five persons. I have been working as a visual communication manager and a coordinator of the web platform from the beginning of the project.

The best part has been to see our platform full of meaningful art by our wonderful contributing artists.