Frequency of Being

2020 Linz (AT)
experimental video

(in Finnish Olemisen taajuus)
00:02:00, on loop

Screenings / Exhibitions
2021 Lacuna Festivals, Lanzarote (ES)
2020 ZBM festival, Linz (AT)
2020 Dorf TV (AT)



Frequency of Being is an exploration of the everyday routines, truthful experiences and urban space.

Moments were captured with an experimental shooting: pinhole lens attached on a DSLR camera. This method is giving a dreamy and distorted atmosphere presenting the more accurate experience and state of mind of a wanderer.

The soundscape is recorded with a self-made hydrophone that is capturing vibrations of waves and wet rocks of the river and inside the teapot.

Technical details: DSLR camera with a pinhole, hydrophone, sound and video manipulations