Human legs mixed with the view of night city

As everyone was ordered to stay home during COVID-19 crisis and everything was closed, we put things together in a few days and started COCO-lands-project.

We are a group of international artists sharing personal media art diaries of isolation from a variety of geographical contexts: from a complete, law-imposed isolation in Italy, over the strict measures in Austria, to the increasing social struggles in the USA — and a permanent isolation context on a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Each one of us posts in a personal media format and from the location we are currently isolated in. We decide to do this as a ritual, without knowing when it might end.

I’m isolated in my tiny residence flat in Austria. My project Interspaced is a research of physical and mental interspaces using the pinhole room as a main tool. The view from outside is projected into my room and some everyday objects have taken a new role as a canvas. On dark days I’m combining the views digitally with videos and photos.

These two worlds are overlapping and mixing the reality. Events indoors and outdoors start to have some dialog.

In the background is disordered marine weather radio to know the circumstances on the isolated island. Marine weather reminds me of my childhood on a sailing boat, it used to be one of the rare messages from the outside world in the 90’s.

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