Mixed image of dark city with lights on the windows and inside space with bed and human legs standing on the floor.

2020 Linz (AT) & Turku (FI)
media art diary, video art, experimental photography

Exhibitions (COCO-lands)

2021 The BestOff 2020, Linz (AT)
2021 Lacuna Festivals, Lanzarote (ES)
2020 Ars Electronica Festival, exhibition The Wild State (AT)

Interspaced is originally a contribution to COCO-lands, a growing digital archive of selected international media artists. 10-months long project Interspaced is a research of mental and physical intermediate states we live in, consists of three parts, all together 80 videos and images.

The outside world is projected in the room, these two worlds kept very separated in spring 2020, but by the end of the year nature and urban space became like one flowing reality. It resembles the time before technological dependence.

Interspaced I

March-May 2020, Linz (AT)

A documentation of video/photo performances with events inside camera obscura in a tiny residence flat. Camera obscura is made by letting sunlight in to the room through a pinhole.

Under very strict lockdown and measurements in Austria, making the camera obscura became a daily ritual, and by mixing the outside and inside world it gave a space to reflect the intermediate state and in-betweenness.

Interspaced II

May-June 2020, Turku (FI)

When part I was dealing more with the mental and conceptual states, part II is mixing concrete forms and events in inside and outside spaces as a practice to build some new structures for everyday life.

Interspaced III

October-December 2020, Linz (AT)

Part III set the perspective wider, exploring how we could leave strict definitions of nature and urban space, seeing the spaces more transformative and flowing. This period started with the terrorist attach in Austria and during the months there was very strict curfew and other restrictions.

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