Colourful text going wild around the reflection of light on the table.

Sometimes it happens, it was meant to be just a side project, but then it happens to go out of control. That is what happened with Kinesics of Letters. It felt so right project, that I couldn’t stop after doing the first video and I started some better research around it.

Kinesics of Letters is a series of four video letters sent from the trapped situation during spring 2020. I had just arrived back in Austria when the lockdown started and I spent my time in a 10 m² residence room without proper internet connection.

The video poems combine the tradition of handwritten letters, text art and mixed aesthetics of modern communication. I have always been a fan of handwritten letters, but in the times of fast digital communication it has been more a rare hobby than a real way of messaging. I found a way to combine these two and I really like the results.

This is also the way I like to work: to not reject if an unexpected path seems worth going, wherever it might lead.

I’m glad this project spread right away to be part of many great festivals and publications.

Publications in Finland

"Kinesics of Letters Tiio Suorsa"
Kinesics of Letters at Nokturno

I was glad to be part of the digital and experimental poetry publication Nokturno and it’s 5th issue of 2020 that was published now in the end of September. Every time I end up on the platform, I get lost with the amazing and fresh content of the issues.

The project took another form and was part of the Helsinki Zine Fest in September. It’s not so common to make a zine out of a video art, so I had to realize it. Unfortunately the festival store is already closed, but you can still buy a copy in Buy Me a Coffee.

Screenings in Linz

The project had its premiere in the ZBM festival in Linz on 26.6.2020 which was organized as a hybrid onsite/online version this year. I was glad to give a short commentary about the project during the video poems talk.

The first three parts of the series were published once a week in Dorf TV during June-July 2020. Dorf TV was a natural channel to publish this project as it is focused in independent music, art and culture productions and projects based in Linz.

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