Juggling unicycler and video projection

I was working as a video artist in the international, multidisciplinary project Libertalia. It is a pirate tale about making decisions and following your own path. Within the wider project our performance Born By the River took place in the beginning of July near Liverpool (UK) after working together whole spring.

shadow with boat-looking objects and abstract video projection
Saffron making shadow puppetry along with the video projection in the opening scene

We were a team of circus artists, dancers, puppeteers, dramaturgists, media artists and musicians from UK, Hungary, Austria, Sweden and Finland.

Previously I have participated in theatre productions as a set designer and a lighting technician, so this was very exciting project to combine theatre and circus with my current practice with moving images.

We had intensive 3-days workshops once a month while in between working and developing the performance further.

Everybody brought their expertise on the stage along with experimenting new directions. It is amazing to continue international collaborations in theatre and circus field, maybe to add also some interactive elements later.

Juggling unicycler and video projection
Chris juggling and unicycling with wavy waters video projection made by Tiio Suorsa