Moments that are Lingering

2015 / 2017 Turku (FI)
Moments that are Lingering / Hetket jotka viipyvät

2017 [solo] Lingering, Das Packhaus, Vienna (AT)
2017 Peri´s 30th anniversary exhibition PERINTÖ:30, various locations, Turku (FI)



The installation seeks to stretch the concept of time and the paths of light. Photos are taken with a digital pinhole camera with exposure times between 20 seconds to 2 minutes.

The project is research of the urban space and time used in it, how familiar shapes could be stretched and challenged. There is always the question of the urban space as something constant and the modern need of efficiency and rapidity.

At the same time, the digital pinhole photos combine very traditional photography and image presentation with modern photography, creating some kind of intermediate space in the format as well.

The photos are printed on slightly transparent silk-cotton fabric. The material creates vividness and transitory in the photos. Natural and artificial lights change during the day making change in the environment and reflect through the photos, the experience is never the same.

A new installation version of the earlier project Dialogue with Urban Space (2015).

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