The very first Museomix event arrived to Finland and I was glad to be part of it. Miksaa museossa (Museomix) was held in the Turku Castle 14th of September. Usually Museomix is a three-day event, but this was in one Friday to try it out.

The topic was around the same North Exhibition Hall in Turku Castle as at my thesis. Return to crime scene. 

Turun linnan Pohjoinen näyttelyhalli

My thesis as a background, the main thoughts were how to leave something also for imagination and interpretation. Even thou we want to give the full experience for the visitor, there should be still something in between to give space for immersion by own action and thoughts.

Immersive experience arises from empty space

I have participated events like Hack your Heritage, workshops and other that are mixing professionals in different fields and ideas, so I had some kind of thoughts what to expect. After 9 hours in a creative and innovative bubble I was glad that I had been part of the Miksaa museossa event.

How to visualize the invisible

The day went fast and after working nine hours continuously I felt still energetic and inspired. The rhythm was good, mixing lectures and workshops together, to be able to learn new things about augmented reality and a new sketching program and also to process it right away in the next pitching.

Prototype canvas - mitä kävijä kokee?

We didn’t have time to think about our solutions too much, so all what we created were very instant and not so processed. At the same time all the ideas were very pure, without too much criticism that sometimes cuts the edge of some very creative ideas.

Historical dressing room

Our group made a concept of a museum application “Historical dressing room” that makes it possible for visitors to try on historical outfits and accessories.

Since it’s not possible to let visitors to try the real ones or even to touch them, the application gives possibility to see yourself with the
outfit. Seeing yourself with that is nothing if you can’t share it with your community, so of course it is possible to share the photo in social media.

Other part of the experience is to be able to touch the real fabric. There would be samples of the fabric that you can touch and get the real feeling of it together with the visual output.

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