NFC (Non-Finite Clause)

web-based object installation
growing amount of clay objects with digital poetry

Next possibilities to access the website
2021 December (postponed due lockdown) in Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz (AT)
2022 June in Turku (FI)

NFC (Non-Finite Clause) is an installation where visitors have to find the web pages in the physical space coded into clay envelopes with NFC tags. Content of the pages are video and web poems.


NFC is an exploration of poetry in between the internet and actuality.

The work consists of clay objects, NFC tags, printed images, webpages with moving images and text-based poems. They are made with decoupage, JavaScript, Processing, Pure Data, video blending and hydrophone recordings.

Based on the idea of ancient bullas, a very early form of envelopes made out of clay, the post-internet bullas are covered with machinic memories found from digital spaces, hiding web-based messages inside.

Inside each bulla is a hidden NFC tag that can be scanned with any mobile device that has an NFC reader. A web page opens on the device following the structure of custom pop-ups which come along with poems, and a restful web space with slowly moving videos and animations.

The work invites into an intimate and undefined space, imitating the act of receiving a traditional letter after internet.

Access with mobile phone, headphones attached