A Sit-In with a Pinhole Camera (2017-2019)

Pinhole photos
3 channel video (ask for Vimeo preview, above the trailer)

Reclaim the Streets movement originally shares idea of community ownership of public spaces. This project is following the idea by reclaiming the streets by pinhole photography – standing by the wooden box.

Pinhole photography requires long exposure time from minutes to hours and even days. It is an urban meditation, standing still while the surrounded world runs around.

The project is a research of urban spaces, role of a citizen and perception of time. Photos taken in Turku and Amsterdam.


The Swing (2017) – digital pinhole photo taken on a swing


Abandoned Wall (2018) – double exposure, 35 mm film


Empty street in Amsterdam
Amsterdam-Centrum at 5 pm (2019) – 35 mm


Tunnel and reflections of humans
Busy byway (2019) – double proofing, 35 mm