Tomorrow – pinhole project (2011–2012)

Undefined Space II, exp. 2 h

Exposure time between 2 seconds and 2 weeks. These photos taken with pinhole cameras are made on the streets of Linz, Austria.

The first time pinhole photography is mentioned 1856. Based on this old method I build my cameras out of candy boxes and film cartridges. Pinhole cameras don’t have any lens, only a very thin hole.

Little boxes with almost unvisible hole on them.
Pinhole cameras made out of film cartridges, a chips can and candy boxes.

The most of the photos are taken during night time with very long exposure time, 2-6 hours. Photos taken during day time are shot with two pins, these two layers of the same moment are visible on each other.

Cameras were left on the streets or traffic poles, taped on the surface. Some of them disappeared by the human nature, but most of them stayed to capture the street life, shadows and traces of light.

Little black box is taped on the pole outdoors.
A pinhole camera attached on a pole in the Mauthausen memorial site.

The evenings get dark, people disappear from the streets, the talk ends. Cars are driving like empty metal boxes, traffic lights are changing for nobody, the city and its streets are breathing, lying in the rain.

Most of the photos were taken in the dark, highlighting the play of lights and shadows in the street scene. Pictures taken during the day show an everyday landscape painted by two pinholes at the same time.